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A nurse injector is in her clinical chair in her office with a syringe of botox

Amanda Irish, RN, BSN is nurse injector at Amanda’s Aesthetics in Mesa, AZ.  She has over a decade experience as a registered nurse and numerous trainings in medical aesthetics.   Amanda specializes in cosmetic procedures such as lip filler, microneedling, wrinkle treatments (Botox), chemical peels, and more.  She loves the joy that fresh, rejuvenated skin gives her clients!

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Smile lines being treated with filler

How to treat smile lines without surgery

Why do smile lines appear and what factors contribute to their formation? Smile lines around your mouth and eyes are normal, everyone has them. Nasolabial

What are the benefits of dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a quick treatment that exfoliates off the top dead skin layer and fine peach fuzz hairs, called vellus hair,  on the face.  A