What are Botox and Jeuveau?

a womans forehead is shown before wrinkle reduction injections. her forehead is shown after and is smooth and free from wrinkles
Forehead Treatment

Neuromodulators, known by their brand names Botox or Jeaveau, are injections given to facial muscles to temporarily smooth and relax wrinkles and lines so that the skin appears smooth.  Benefits also include a reduction in pore size so skin texture is improved and aging skin looks more youthful and rested!

Injections are given with a tiny needle so there is minimal pain. The number of units needed for wrinkles and lines varies based on individual facial anatomy and the area treated.  It is always best determined first through a free consultation.  I have specialized training and certification in medical aesthetics to properly identify facial anatomy and inject it safely and reliably.

Botox and Jeuveau typically last up to 3-6 months and take 2 full weeks to see maximum results.

These injections smooth lines and wrinkles on the forehead, lines between the brows (called crow’s feet), wrinkles on the outside of the eyes, smile lines, and fine lines around the lips.

Botox can also be given above the lip to improve the appearance and volume of the upper lip, called a “Lip Flip.”

BeforeAndAfter 107
Crow’s Feet Treatment

Botox and Jeuveau injections are popular treatments to instantly look more youthful and give skin a smooth texture and glow.  Compared to surgical treatments, there is no downtime, the cost is a small fraction of the price of a facelift, and there are rarely side effects.

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